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Earlier this week we posted about WesPoints, a personalized points calculator designed by anonymous audacious developers for iPhone users with budgeting needs. If the number of comments is any indication (current count: 16), demand is high. But not everyone one campus has an iPhone (I thought I was the last one), and so the endlessly practical WesFood is here to save the day:

Non-iPhone users may like to know that the online points calculator at this link has been updated for the Spring semester. The main WesFood site has also started running again; currently, it’s still just Weswings and Star & Crescent that are supported, but better integration with those dining options, support for Red & Black, Usdan, and Summerfields, and better mobile functionality for are in the works.

FUCK YEAH WESFOODS. In addition to the aforementioned points calculator, you can head over to that destination for daily menu updates, dining hours, and pertinent linkage. Writes the creator:

The current goal of Wesfood is to display the various specials around campus. The assumption is that, as a Wesleyan student, you mostly know the permanent menus at most of the dining options and are more influenced by their daily specials. However, if you’re really that kind of person and into full menus, let me point you in the right direction . . .

You can scope out the online points calculator at this link and, if you missed the last post, find the iPhone app here. You’re the operator with your WesPoints calculator, so don’t touch those candy bins. They’re covered in noro germs.

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  1. lyn fucking WESLeyING BITCH

    ugh now i have to do my W.W. points AND my meal points. there is not enough time in the week. TGIF AMIRITEAID?

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