Looking for Performers for Indonesian 1000 Hands Dance

From Rizky Rahadianto ’15:

Are you interested in new EXOTIC culture experience? Have you ever dreamed to be part of a dance that doesn’t even need you to move from your seats? Do you just simply love Indonesian beach scenes? Then come practice with us! We are in need of performers for Indonesian 1000 Hands Dance, a traditional dance from Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia to be performed at Mabuhay.

If six of us, Indonesians, are combined with you, WES kids, how many fucking hands would we have?

Yessssss. ONE THOUSAND!!!

So, watch the video, and email me at rrahadianto[at]wesleyan[dot]edu if you are COOL enough to have fun with us.

PS: No audition!!! and only once a week commitment.

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