Kick-off Concert for MINDS & SHOFCO

Come tonight at 9 pm @ Espwesso to kick off a 2-week awareness campaign to support the MINDS Foundation and SHOFCO, and to see an awesome lineup of performing groups. Sit with some delicious Indian coffee, donate a couple of bucks to our awesome nonprofits, and enjoy the music:


Scroll on for the schedule of performers and more.

The line-up:

9pm – The Spirits
9:20 – Quasimodal
9:30 – Notably Sharp
10pm – The Appledaughters
10:30 – Slavei
10:50 – Jack Ladd ’15 and Bennett Gelly ’15
11:10 – Vocal Debauchery

Date: Tonight, February 26
Time: 9 pm – 11:30 pm
Place: Espwesso
Cost: admission is free, donations welcomed

Coffee will be served, donations are gladly accepted!

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One thought on “Kick-off Concert for MINDS & SHOFCO

  1. Espwesso

    As always, donations to MINDS or SHOFCO must be made in middletown cash or US dollars – points can be used to purchase coffee drinks but cannot be donated to either organization

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