Argus Magazine Call for Submissions

Alex Wilkinson ’13, not to be confused with Colonel William Alexander Camac Wilkinson of Sydney or Alex Wilkinson of Herbert Smith Corporate Responsibility, is trying to start a new student publication on campus, and he is thinking of naming it after Argus Panoptes:

The Argus Magazine is a new student-produced publication focusing on—but not limited to—long-form nonfiction and journalism. We seek writing of all genres so long as it is engaging, creative, and intellectually stimulating. Fundamental to this endeavor is an emphasis on collaboration between writers and editors, a process that will produce polished, innovative work.

If you have already written a piece that you would like to see published, send it to argusmagazine(at)gmail(dot)com by March 9th (the day before Spring Break). If you have an idea for a piece you haven’t written yet, shoot us an email and we’ll find a deadline that works for you!

CONTACT: argusmagazine(at)gmail(dot)com

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