National Student Debt Week of Action

For those of you in our audience not planning on working on Wall Street after graduation, there’s a good chance you’re footing the bill for a good amount of student loans (hooray for the free market!).

To call attention to this unfortunate reality, Wesleyan Democratic Socialists are sponsoring a number of student debt related events and actions this week, including a petition-drive (find them in Usdan tomorrow! or sign it on the interwebz) requesting Sallie Mae “forgive all student debt after 5 years of payments” and “eliminate all interest on student loans” as well as a screening of Default: The Student Loan Documentary.

Like leap day, admitted socialists are a rare thing to come by, so if you’re interested in seeing the movie and railing against the injustices of capitalism, go get your radical on in PAC 004 from 7-8:30pm tomorrow.

Recap: petition

and screening
When: Feb 29th from 7-8:30pm
Where: PAC 004

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One thought on “National Student Debt Week of Action

  1. A Democratic Socialist

    I haven’t seen the movie, but those interested in this issue (aka all of us) should consider this perspective:

    I’m not saying Wolfers is necessarily correct (unfortunately he doesn’t provide any data), but that it’s definitely worth considering his ideas.

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