Clem & Paul Build a Fort @ ’92 Theater

Ben Firke ’12 wants you to come see a new Second Stage production this Thursday, Friday, or Saturday:

Clem & Paul Build A Fort is the story of 4 college students dead-set on doing the “right thing”––once they figure out what the right thing is.

Paul Carney has pretty much everything: a beautiful girlfriend, a loyal best friend, and a career as a successful labor activist at Yale. However, when Clem shows up at his front door with news that their year-old one-night-stand has produced a son, chaos ensues that threatens Paul’s best-laid plans. This is a story of true love, epic bro-mance, political infighting, ethical dilemmas, and blanket forts.

Featuring Matt Lynch ’15, Sarah Wolfe ’14, Eli Timm ’13, and Michelle Agresti ’14. 

Get your tickets at the Usdan box office or show up at 8 at the ’92 the day of the performances.

Dates: March 1-3
Time: 9 pm
Place: ’92 Theater

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