Postponed Drops Second Webisode, Seeks Extras

“In the Hipster Revolution, the poor become the rich. And the rich—they’re the poor!”

A few weeks ago we posted the debut webisode of Postponed, a titillating new Wes-based web series about unemployed life on the sketchiest outskirts of Wesleyan’s campus, produced by a ragged group of mostly recent alums who may or may not know a thing or two about the subject in question. Among the notables: Chris Correa ’10, Brian Velsor ’11, and Ian Park ’11 directing; Gabe Elder ’11, Velsor, and Park editing; Correa and Velsor writing; and  Robby Hardesty ’12 and Correa starring. The campus in question is referred to as Middleton, but who’s kidding?

“This narrative will hit home with many from our cadre of recent graduates who are unemployed or who have friends experiencing it,” explained the creators. No [expletive]ing [expletive]! Episode one was arguably a bit more despairing than funny, brimming with bleak tirades on living in a trailer, lashing out at your alma mater, and still hitting on freshman girls. The follow-up branches out a bit, exploring Relevant Subjects in Today’s Youth Culture, including but not limited to: free hugs, becoming a hipster, eating in WesWings, lying about employment (or lackthereof), lying about employment while eating in WesWings and becoming a hipster, and Ulysses. Keep watching, because the best confrontation arrives about nine minutes in.

Oh, and also a wordless cameo by Wesleying’s own A-Batte (see: 5:21). Do you want a similarly stimulating cameo? You do? Postponed apparently wants extras. Real bad. Here’s the pitch.

Postponed is filming at Wes this Saturday, March 3rd at WestCo Cafe from 11 am to 2 pm.  They need extras for an exciting open mic scene.  Any and all are welcome to participate and there will be food, so you’re encouraged to show up on time if you want your big break!  No need to contact anyone, just show up!

Here’s the episode (it’s also embedded above). For Postponed’s first episode, see here. For an early short and interview with the creators, click here (and comparable Argus coverage here).

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    the naturalness and ease with which anwar is able to eat and converse is just breathtaking. kudos my friend, kudos.

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