Westco Open Mic Bake Sale Tonight

Community Service House will be selling some delicious baked goods for open mic tonight!

Proceeds going to Brighter Dawns:

Brighter Dawns is a non-profit organization committed improving water and sanitary conditions in Ward 12, a slum in Khalishpur, Khulna, Bangladesh. Our current projects aim to provide the slums of Bangladesh ease of access to liquid life — clean water — while empowering women and improving health conditions as part of a larger initiative. Thanks to community support and hard work, Brighter Dawns embarked upon its first mission over the summer, constructing 15 wells, 20 latrines, 3 bathrooms and distributing 1,000 health kits to help promote clean sanitation in Ward 12.

Date:  Leap Day
Time:  10 pm
Place:  Westco Cafe
Bring yooo cashh

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