Earth House Wesleying Post

Hey Anwar,
Any way you could post this on Wesleying later today (later afternoonish??). I have a bunch of photos (attached) and this blurb that I was hoping you could somehow lay out nicely into a post……Could you put the “apply to earth house” photo of the house first and the photo of the vegetables last? THANK YOU

Do you care about the Earth? Want to be part of an ecological community, and live in a beautiful house while you do it? Apply to live in Earth House! We’re a warm and caring community of eleven environmentally-minded students who love to cook, have fun, and hang out together, as well as organize events and programs pertaining to the environment. Applications due this FRIDAY (March 2) by midnight!

Lookin’ for some earth porn? Check it out below; these are on the house:

Disclaimer: You should also apply to literally every other program house in addition to Earth House, but as far as I know no one else submitted anything, so here we are!

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