First “Spring” Veg Out Tomorrow

Anna Guth ’14 just called me while I was in the shower to ask me to post this event. And it’s so important that here I am writing to let you know the deets on Veg Out:

Come and enjoy a delicious, vegetarian, and locally grown meal at Buddhist House this Saturday! We will have a mindful eating meditation at 6:30 and the main meal will begin at 7:00.

The VegOut team is very excited to be partnering with Buddhist House because we believe that mindful eating and mindfully sourcing your food are inextricably connected. Mindfully eating is bringing all of your awareness to what you’re putting in your mouth. Mindfully sourcing is focusing on local and organic food sustaining our communities and ourselves. If you can help cook at Earth House, Farm House, Out House, or Buddhist House from 12-4 p.m. tomorrow, then come on over!


Date: Saturday (TOMORROW!)
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: Buddhist House
Tickets: $3 at the door

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