Gag Reflex: The Hollandaise Sauce Show


Ralph is sitting trying to pull nails out of his mother’s floorboards. “I’m doing it again, mother!”  Ralph’s mother is riding around on the poodle.  “Don’t you dare, you infidel!”

“I am doing it for the mother country!” Ralph shouts at her, pulling at the skin of his cheeks.  He wraps himself in his arm and shakes and beams his forcefield out.

“The mother country!”  The poodle leaps gracefully over stacks of dishes.  “The mother country’s poisoned, Ralph!  Don’t you remember your evil father!”  Ralph’s mother rides the poodle right into the forcefield.

“You lout!” she hurls at him.  “You vicious cyborg!”  Ralph does his karate chops, takes victory pills.

DATE: Friday, March 2nd
TIME: 8:00 PM
PLACE: WestCo Cafe

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