Haters in the Building: Top 40 Cover Band, take 2 tonight

Last week, a bunch of folks itching to perform Rihanna for a crowd of hungry students were ejected from a palace known as Pine. This week, they make a second attempt to Rihanna their asses off, this time in full Animal House glory. From Sam Ebb ’13, who I had completely no idea blows trumpets (but am not surprised to hear at all):

You. Will. Know. Every. Song. We. Play.

Friday, AFTER Lower Dens (go!), we’re finishing what we started last weekend. We’re going all the way this time. At exactly 12:45 a.m.
Tunes will be spun starting at 12 a.m. to get you in the mood.

They thought the floor would cave in. They tried to shut us down. But you can’t stop the Haters.

Come find love in a hopeless place (? DKE). [Facebook event here.]

DATE: Friday night, Saturday WEE HOURSSS
TIME: 12am (doors), 12.45 am (show)
PLACE: dkedkedkedkedkedkedkedkedkedkedeeq?dick.dique?deeek.

Who Haters in the Building are after the jump.

Haters In The Building is:

Emma Daniels: Vocals
Ryan Dias-Toppin: Vocals
Will Feinstein: Vocals
Zack Kantor: Guitar/Vocals
Adrien Defontaine: Kaoss Pad/Keys/Vocals
Julian Applebaum: Bass
Zak Malik: Drums
Sam Ebb: Trumpet
Henry Molofsky: Keyboard
Danny Sullivan: Guitar

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