Open Student Meeting with UOC and WSA

Don’t want to do your homework Sunday night?  Got some issues you want people to hear about? Want to hear what others have to say? Then check this out:

What are the biggest problems and issues for students at Wesleyan? What can be done to address them and make Wesleyan better?  Come discuss these questions.

This Sunday, March 4th, the WSA will be holding for the first time in its history a special joint meeting with the University Organizing Center (UOC).

The topic of the meeting is student concerns and ways to improve campus. This meeting is an open community discussion and is tailored towards students who aren’t involved with the WSA or the UOC. If you can come to only one WSA meeting this semester, please come to this one. 

We will be meeting at 7pm in 200 Church. See you there!

Date: Mar. 4
Time: 7:00PM
Place: 200 Church

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