Back Again: Malcolm Tent Brings Vinyl to Usdan

The biannual WESU record fair is still over a month away (April 15, if you’re keeping score), but why wait? Malcolm Tent has been seen round these parts many times before (and even interviewed once or twice), and he’ll be setting up shop again today in downstairs Usdan:

I, Malcolm Tent, am returning to your benighted campus. I will be loaded with the best new + used underground/ overground records, DVDs, and CDs.

The date is Monday, March 5. I’ll be at Usdan from approximately noon – 5 pm.

Not only will I be selling stuff, but I’ll be buying and trading so bring all of your unwanted records, tapes, cd’s, or whatever!

Date: Today, March 5
Time: 12 – 5 pm
Place: Usdan

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