“Hungry 4 Writers”: Aural Wes Seeks Aural Experts

Schuyler Stallbaumer ’12, MD, Wesleyan’s foremost Otolaryngologist specializing in aural health and diagnosis, seeks aspiring young aural experts and contributors for his site on the World Wide Web, entitled “AuralWes.org.” If interested, contact Dr. Stallbaumer immediately at hello(at)auralwes(dot)org. As the following solicitation will testify, he is “hungry 4 writers,” and this credit- and accolade-seeking whore is more than glad to help him find some:

As per usual, we need more solid contributors for this website. Unlike those credit- and accolade-seeking whores of Wesleying, we don’t put your name under each post, but we don’t want to discourage you from adding your own unique voice to a resurrected campus institution.

Writers should be plugged into what’s happening on campus (and outside of it) and be eager to add to our growing catalog of submissions. We’re trying to expand our offerings beyond event submissions—this means interviews, reviews of new releases from student bands/artists, and live concert reviews if you want. We also could use photographers, sound recordists, and anything else.

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: send us an email at hello(at)auralwes(dot)org if you are interested! We would love to have you!

Contact: hello(at)auralwes(dot)org

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