NITIC’S CROTEBOOK: Lower Dens Wants To Take You Higher

“These guys are totally like a chiller Beach House!” —anonymous

Baltimore’s big on campus these days. Wye Oak, Dustin Wong, and Lands and Peoples all hail from the Charm City, and if you cast your memory a little farther back, so does Beach House. Lower Dens is apparently the latest to occupy the “Baltimore-based critical darlings” slot—they’re a little bit moody, a little bit noisy, a little bit shoegazy, a little bit psychedelic, and after a set by spirited indie-poppers Treasure Island at Eclectic last Friday night, most of it worked. (The band’s on its way to SXSW for a third consecutive year, so props to HB ’14 for organizing: sweet timing.)

Also, props to a sizable crowd for turning out, props to Dens’ unnamed guitarist for the most righteous mustache this side of Bear in Heaven, and props to the band’s crew for the most psychedelic lighting setup since The Luyas opened for Dodos: this show was fun.

Nootropics (prononced “No-eh-tro-pics”) comes out in May, and if you Google that, you’ll learn far more about “smart drugs” than you ever wanted to know. Scroll on for a full gallery, and scope tomorrow’s Argus for an interview with the band.

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