Relevant Discourse: Argus Feature on Third Open Community Meeting

Abbey Francis ’14 has written a quite in-depth Argus feature on the UOCWSA joint meeting this past Sunday. The first part is actually a review of the recent history of tensions between the student activist community and the WSA over the University Organizing Center building itself, at 190 High Street; the second half of the article is on the meeting that went down Sunday night at 200 Church. There are a lot of student voices and, IMHOtep, a broadly representative selection of quotes – check it out, if you care about this stuff / would like to start caring about this stuff (you should).

Read the article here; discuss it err’where. You might also want to read a (shorter) summary on the WSA blog, written by Jared Wang ’15. Both of the authors mentioned in this post were taking notes the whole time Sunday night, by the way, so props to them.

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