Office of Pirate Safety?

Every fucking picture under “pirates” on Google Images is Johnny Depp

So it appears that our renowned Office of Public Safety (“p-safe” in the vernacular) has committed a faux pas of sorts (if not worse).

Spotted by Caitlin Palmer ’13 and interpreted by Tobias Butler ’13 (and only now picked up by this blogger–thanks, photo midterm), a recent advertising campaign to raise awareness of crimes of opportunity stamps the P-Safe logo directly onto an image engineered for the British Home Office (that is, the British government) by the London firm Y&R.

As Tobias remarks, this presents both a clear violation of the Honor Code’s prohibition on plagiarism (i.e. “the presentation of another person’s words, ideas, images, data or research as one’s own”) as well as Wesleyan’s Computer Usage Policy, which advises that “users must observe intellectual property rights.” Additionally, without properly attributing the image, P-Safe illegally violates the copyright of the British crown.

Click past the jump for Tobias’ visual breakdown.

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