Random Plug: AoFC Dance Troupe

So there’s this kid, Sam “Pull Up Your Damn Pants” Choi ’12who I’m inclined to call a friend but really I owe a lot of poker money to so I’m partially paying back by doing this post but anyway:

Hi everyone,
We are AoFC and we are a group of students from Wesleyan University who love to dance!
The members in our group are Samuel Choi ’12, Rachel Lim ’14, Cole Mcnamee ’15, Jillian Roberts ’15, Sukhbat Seed ’15 and Leo Enverga ’14.
Please enjoy our dance covers and our own choreography! (Also……pls subscribe!)
Thank you so much for your support and views!
Follow us on Twitter @AoFCrew!
Peace & Love,
Seriously, bro. Getting tighter pants.
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