“Remember oUR Name”: Rochester Admissions Drops Dope Beats

“The best faculty, we gonna get some more / Soon we’ll be taught by that wizard Dumbledore.”

Watch out, “Back To Foss”—you’ve got competition from the University of Rochester office of admissions. It comes in the form of “Remember oUR Name,” a phat-ass Admissions-sponsored extravaganza that seeks “to provide prospective students an array of Rochester facts and figures with a hip hop twist.” If you’re into pasty-faced a cappella bros rhyming about campus dining options, you’re in luck. Performers in the video are members of The Midnight Ramblers, an all-male a cappella group based at Rochester.

For a decent reference point, glance back at some recent Rock and R&B projects: “Catan,” “King of Rock and R&B,” and whatever else emerged from that class that I’m forgetting. Also, “MIDD KIDD.” On the admissions-sponsored side of things, remember “That’s Why I Chose Yale”? No? Wanna lose 17 minutes of your life?

Say what you will about the most recent Wes Admissions homepage. It doesn’t rhyme “EDU” with “interview.”

[tip via Trill “Waka Flocka” Feinberg ’13]

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