Abuse of Disabled Children in Middletown Schools

You may have heard of the scream rooms issue if you pay attention to local news. The Middletown Press reported that they’re actually common in Connecticut schools (and beyond) [read more].

If you’re appalled by this and want to demand change, here’s an opportunity from Ariel Schwartz ’12:

In Middletown, some students disabled students have been placed in solitary “scream rooms” as a consequence for “misbehavior.” These rooms are unsupervised and utterly unsafe. So unsafe, that a child has died while in one of these rooms. This is a violation of human rights.

Parents of children in Middletown have started a petition calling for the removal of the Special Education Department, as they “have lost confidence in their ability to provide a nurturing environment that
ensures our special needs children are being educated in a safe, legal, and least restrictive environment.”

Please sign the petition in support!

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One thought on “Abuse of Disabled Children in Middletown Schools

  1. Simon

    Wait, what’s the alternative proposed here?  Calling for the dissolution of Special Ed Department seems a lot like throwing the baby out with the bath water. 

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