Can’t Stop The Spring: Wesleying Takes a Breather

Break dining hours past the jump.

And on that note—a massively anticipated visit by a Supreme Court justice, a sharp flurry of activism and campus-wide debate, an outbreak of tinnitus at Eclectic, a warning about Tour de Franzia that no one seemed to notice because Scalia was here so they sent it to our mommies instead, and, err, midterms—we’re off. New York- and Boston-bound shuttle buses pulled out of Wyllys yesterday, so I guess it’s official. Doesn’t campus always seem loudest when the unbearable silence of break is right around the corner?

Anyway, happy spring break from Wesleying. We’ll be taking some time off, too—after recordhigh views last week, updates may be sparse these next two weeks. We might get around to posting No Age photos or Jeanine Basinger’s billionth NYT shout-out, but who knows. You may want to direct your procrastination elsewhere. I recommend Table For One.

On campus for break? Godspeed. Scroll on for a spring break dining hours spreadsheet (Neon and Marco’s Deli aren’t on there, of course, but you’ll want to take note of them too), and don’t do anything Roth wouldn’t do. [Edit: I forgot to mention that Red & Black is open during break. It is.]

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