Missing Boston College Student

If you’re currently in the Boston area, do take note and keep on a lookout. We recently got a write-in from Eliana Theodorou ’12 informing us about the unfortunate circumstances of Franco Garcia, a 21-year-old Boston College student who has been missing for a few weeks now. She writes:

Franco Garcia, a BC student and friend of someone I went to high school with, has been missing since February 22. His friend, family, and police are requesting that anyone who may have any information related to his disappearance help out with the search. Though most Wes students were probably in Middletown at the time of his disappearance, many are likely in the Boston area for break. If anyone knows or hears of anything that could be helpful to investigations at all, please contact the Newton Police at 617-796-2100 or Massachusetts State Police at 617-727-4812 or call local police or 911.

Garcia was last seen on Feb 22 around 12:15 am at Mary Ann’s Bar. Since that time, police say Franco has not attended any classes at Boston College and has not shown up for work. His vehicle is still parked at Boston College where he left it on Feb. 21. Franco also works at one of the CVS locations in Waltham and has not appeared at work, nor contacted anyone. His family and friends are extremely worried and ask the public to please help look for Franco.
Garcia’ family has set up a website to serve as a hub for information. Click here for access.

More information can be found from The Huffington Post, here and here. Further info can be found here.

Itemized information about Garcia’s last known whereabouts and physical appearance after the jump.

Date Missing: February 22, 2012
Missing From: Mary Ann’s Bar, Brighton, Massachusetts
Height: 5’9

Weight: approx 200 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Distinguishing Characteristics: May or may not be wearing glasses
Clothing: A long-sleeved white and blue striped shirt and jean


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