“Stoppe-Mowtion” Swiss Army Knife Loves Post-Punk, Hates Shoelaces

You guys’ll never believe what A Jean-Hole Hating  student ’14 sent me earlier today. It seems homeslice Raphael Linden ’15 has figured out how to make inanimate objects move on their own! What the hell?! Apparently, playing them some New Order does the trick:

Seriously, if anyone can figure out what the hell is making these things move, please tell me. This could be a major breakthrough in film – imagine a whole bunch of artists making short and feature-length works where inanimate objects just move! Freaky!!!

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13 thoughts on ““Stoppe-Mowtion” Swiss Army Knife Loves Post-Punk, Hates Shoelaces

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  6. Jeanine Super Bassinger

    This seriously awesome. You have a lot of cool shit in your house. and not enough to do over spring break? but seriously, awesome. 

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