“Obnoxious Smell” –> Closed Olin

If you’re on campus and have visited Olin today, you probably saw this sign:

And if you were here an hour or two ago, you may have also seen these trucks:

Yup. 24-hour emergency fire repair and restoration. Apparently (and this is not confirmed, although I did hear it from an Olin employee), the elevator motor burned out overnight and ended up burning oil through most of the night causing small fire that (thankfully) didn’t spread. The building is undamaged and is also safe enough that staff have been entering. This employee also said that Olin intends to reopen tomorrow, which is good because I have a bunch of paper that needs hole punching and the hole puncher in the ground floor of Olin is definitely the most satisfying and consistent hole puncher on campus. Seriously, fuck that one in Sci Li. It sucks.

If you go by Olin, you’ll be able to smell confirmation of the burning oil – earlier today, you could smell it even from the lawn in front of the library; now you have to stand closer to the door. Also, the doors to PAC are propped open to air the place out. Crazy stuff.

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