The Breadery Comes to Wes

Remember Doc’s Grille last year? If you’ve been involved with a student-run food delivery service, you’ll know that there’s demand—especially after hours. E.W. ’13 wants to deliver you fresh bread, and all you gotta do is text:

Love fresh bread? Miss the smell of it? Never had fresh bread before? Convinced that bread in fact grows within the brand labeled bag?

Well you’re in luck! Beginning today, fresh bread for great prices delivered to wherever you are!

Just like the page on Facebook and get alerts when bread has come out of the oven! Text me if you’re interested and I’ll deliver it straight to you!

We have it on good authority that pricing is at $3-$5 a loaf. The Breadery can be reached via text (720.252.6096) and via Facebook—and it totally has timeline.

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