The Sense of Sensitivity: A Madpride Presentation

From Oriana Ott ’14:

A Madpride presentation on eliminating the insanity defense for violent and sex crimes for greater civic equality.

The media legitimizes profiling and the government enforces a segregate affirmative action for our people against our will even when it kills our own and other ethnic minorities by diverting justice, calling us ‘incompetent’ to object to the insane defenses imposed upon us as a people. This system of oppression in law is the same that applied a segregate excuse of guilt in the 2009 crime of slaying a Wesleyan student worker and made general excuse for violent anti-Semitism by alleged science. This is the ideology globally forcing apartheid on innocent people en masse for theory of physiologies, fears of legal cultural issues, and theories of fate. En masse the Mad are legislated against as a people regardless of crime, our civil rights are blocked leaving less rights to never accused Mad people than to normal violent criminal offenders who retain normal constitutional rights. Apri Scheller, treated Mad since age of ten, now presents the Madpride movement locally, a global movement in which persons diagnosed different treat themselves as a people and champion equality, diversity, self-expression, community involvement, and the arts.

Date: Thursday, March 29
Time: 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm
Place: Downey House
Cost: Free

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2 thoughts on “The Sense of Sensitivity: A Madpride Presentation

  1. April Fawn Scheller

    This lecture was filmed for youtube (Thank you to Oriana Ott
    for the assistance):

    My sources are also web-linked here: I’m not sure by whom it
    was posted: but thank you. I’ve no web site of my own.–a-proposal-on-mad-ethnicity-originally-presented-at-the-psychout-2011-conference-at-cuny-graduate-center-of-new-york-city-under-the-topic-of-eliminating-the-insanity-defense&catid=42:the-consumer-movement&Itemid=70

    RIP Johanna, you are missed by many.

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