Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire @ Eclectic Tomorrow

As previously announced, eXquire rolls into Eclectic tomorrow night. From Jake Ewald ’14:

With classy hits like “Good Pussy in Chicago,” “Cockmeat Sandwich/Pissin’ Between Train Cars,” and “Build-A-Bitch,” Mr. eXquire plans to bring his posse of samaritans to clean up Eclectic tomorrow night. Silky Johnson is opening, playing his first show ever. Kill-F (Will F. ’13) is opening also, playing his second show ever. It’s a night of firsts and seconds. Hope to see you there.

To quote eXquire:

What a ill fuckin journey this year has been for me, when that New Years Ball dropped I would have never thought i’d be on TV, Magazine’s, Websites, and all this shit… man 9 months ago I was in a fucking small ass booth checking parking tickets now i’m a starving artist… shit fuck’s my head up. I just be wanting to stop right here cuz i never thought i’d make it this far. Too late now tho, I told my nigga Trax once “We gotta make money now, cause we can’t get no broker!

Date: Friday, March, 30th
Time: 10 pm
Place: Eclectic
Price: Free
Links: Facebook, Tumblr, Mixtape

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