From Tanya Purdy, Director of WesWell:

Are you in recovery and searching for a supportive space at Wesleyan?

If you are in recovery from alcohol and other drugs, you are not alone. Recovery@ is a network of students, staff and faculty who gather for mutual support as they navigate the particular challenges of recovery at Wesleyan. Our primary purpose is to stay clean and sober, help other members of the University do the same, and support one another in our efforts.

We come together once a month during the academic year for an informal discussion and networking. The rest of the month, we support each other through texts, emails, social engagements, and attending AA and NA meetings in the Middletown community.

To obtain more information or join the network please email, recovery [AT] wesleyan [DOT] edu
Recovery@ is not formal therapy of any kind. If you are in recovery or seeking recovery from alcohol or other drug addiction and would like confidential resources or support please call or visit:
Counseling and Psychological Services: 860-685-2910 or
Office of Religious and Spiritual Life: 860-685-2278 or

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