Student Panel on Jobs in Publishing And Writing

Still looking for a summer job? (Or, you seniors out there, a real world job?) Interested in writing or editing? Hoping to one day get paid for all that writing you’re doing?

Our “Food Writing” Panel Last Semester

Sure, it’s a hard world out there for aspiring professional writers. But take heart: there are plenty of success stories from students just like you who have wedged their way into the writing world!

Come to Shapiro next Monday to hear some of these delightful working men and women talk about their writing-related work experience and give advice to students interested in pursuing work in similar fields. Our panelists include:

  • Mansoor Alam ’15Owner of Fort Box Publishers
  • Caroline Eisenmann ’12: Intern at The Paris Review and Huffington Post Books
  • Sarah Pasternack ’12Employee at a literary agency, Intern at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Intern at One Life to Live
  • Amanda Simmons ’13Intern at The New Jersey Star-Ledger
  • Marisa Stotter ’14: Intern at The Westfield Ledger, Staff Writer for, Television Reviewer at, Writer at, Intern at

As you can see, a wide range of writing experiences will be represented. So no matter what field you’re hoping to break into, come drop by! Snacks will be served!

Date: Monday, April 2
Time: 7-8 PM
Location: Shapiro Events Room (Allbritton 311)

Sponsored by Writing At Wesleyan and The Shapiro Creative Writing Center

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