Open Bid for Program Housing Starts Today

Still want to get into a Program House? Not too late! Open Bid for Program Housing starts TODAY!

There are still vacancies in the following houses:

  • Well-Being House, 250 Court St. – 2 spots, contact Natalie Sacks (nsacks@wes)
  • The Bayit, 157 Church St. – 8 spots, contact Gideon Levy (glevy@wes)
  • International House, 151 Church St. – 1 spot, contact Nicole Okai (nokai@wes)
  • Lighthouse, 230 Washington St. – 16 spots, 6 doubles and 4 singles, contact Kwaku Akoi (kakoi@wes)
  • Russian House, 163 High St. – 2 spots, contact Elyas Saif (esaif@wes)
  • Malcolm X House, 345 High St. – 19 spots, contact Yasmine Bennet (ybennet@wes)
  • Music House, 316 Washington St. – 1 spot, single, contact Nora Dumont (ndumont@wes)
  • Turath House, 73 Pearl St. – 3 spots, contact Carina Kurban (ckurban@wes)

Please visit the Office of Residential Life’s website to find more information about the houses if you are interested in applying during this Open Bid period.

Open Bid closes on Friday April 6!

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