Scenes From Bandfire: Blooming Youth and Prometheus

Local photo maestro Mike Nakhla ’13, whose professional photography has graced the pages of this blog more than once before (tying the knot? Mike does weddings, too), sends in a few fantastic shots from yesterday’s Bandfire on the hill. Performances by student groups included an eclectic mix of underclassmen faves (sup, Cheenis & the Romp?), former Awesomefest projects (including Dog Years and Blooming Youth), and Prometheus.

These images are of Prometheus, which is not actually band, and Blooming Youth, a new project by the talented Emma Daniels ’13 and Alex Lough ’13. They sing American folk songs, a few originals, and a few selections from the Sacred Harp songbook.  As Daniels explains, “Alex is an ethnomusicology major, and he spent the last year in Ireland singing Sacred Harp, so we got together this semester for Awesomefest and started writing, incorporating our own sound into Civil War era folk music… and the Blooming Youth emerged.” Say what you will about Awesomefest—beneath all the Elmo costumes, it does spur creativity.

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