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Art Library Closing/Consolidation Meeting (info upd8ed)

EDIT: I just talked with a library employee who gave a perspective + some info I found worth including in this post – click through the jump to see my additions.

So, how about that whole Art Library closing thing? Were you invited to that party? No? Didn’t even hear about it? Had enough questions? Read on:

That’s right, y’all: it’s been brought to my attention, through email and face2face conversation, that apparently our administration is moving forward with a plan to close the Art Library at its current location by 2014, consolidate its holdings into Olin (where some of them already reside), and as part of the process weed out quite a few books. Here are a few reasons (some) students and faculty are opposed to this plan going forward:

  • The current plan seems to be to have the Art Library’s holdings moved to Olin by May 2014.
  • The Art Library has some of Wesleyan’s most valuable items in its collection, with special oversight that they may not receive in Olin. Also, having the Art Library in the Center for the Arts seems intuitively appealing.
  • A dozen student jobs will be removed, and the time and energy spent on moving the books is likely to add more to the plates of people who already have work to do.
  • Maybe the most important point is that this plan appears to be going forward without any input from students. If you’re not okay with decisions about resources we use being made without asking (or even announcing, really), this might be a meeting worth attending.

The points above are assembled from information provided directly by students, including current Art Library employees and a student representative on the Faculty Library Committee (so, indirectly, library staff and faculty as well).

Interested? Attend the response planning meeting Tuesday (tomorrow) night, at 10 PM in the UOC (between Beta and Eclectic). Maybe you think the planned consolidation is actually a good idea. If so, your perspective might be even more valuable. Also, if you’d like to be included in the email discussion, feel free to email yours truly.

April Convocation

From Michael Leung ’15:

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Convocation
(Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander and Queer Month)

Usdan Daniel Family Commons ~ 4:00PM

Come enjoy some light refreshments as faculty, staff and students share their personal stories on their identities, discuss what April means and its importance today and into the future!

Opening Address – Queer Interns
Student Reflection – Gavin Swee (Class of 2013)
Student Reflection – Mansoor Alam (Class of 2015)
Staff Reflection – Joyce Walter (Director of Student Health Services)
Student Reflection – Miranda Linsky (Class of 2014)
Closing Address – Allegra Stout (Class of 2012)

Date: April 3rd, 2012
Time: 4:00pm
Place: Daniel Family Commons


Once again, the finest Wesleyan bands/musicians will be pitted against each other in an all out melee of sound. Only one band will emerge victorious. The rest will be forgotten in history. Previous Wesleyan Battle of the Bands winners include The Beatles (Lennon/McCartney both ’60), Franz Liszt (Class of 1833), and Keanu Reeves ’87. Who can forget Ghandi’s cover of Pulp’s “Common People.” 

Losers include, the Carrier Pigeon and Print Media.

From the Social Committee:

 “Wesleyan’s annual Battle of the Bands is taking place on April 13th at Eclectic House! The winning band will open for Spring Fling on May 10th. Please email a demo (2 songs) to dbostick(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by 12pm on Sunday, April 8th. Bands chosen to compete will be announced by the following Monday.

PS: Don’t worry, the Spring Fling line-up will be announced very soon in the Argus and online. We appreciate your patience!”

It’s gonna be the Hunger Games  Battle Royale of Battle of the Bands.

  • Date: Friday, April 13th
  • Time: TBD
  • Place: Eclectic House

Professor Elvin Lim on “The War on Women”

Do you have opinions on what’s been called “The War on Women?” Want to learn more about the issues involved? Want to hang out with Professor Elvin Lim for an hour and instantly become smarter, cooler, and generally more awesome? These are all great reasons to come to the Roosevelt Institute tomorrow night!

  • Date: Tuesday, April 3rd
  • Time: 8-9PM
  • Place: Usdan 108
  • What: Prof. Elvin Lim on “The War on Women”

Questions? Want to receive an email with the attached articles that Professor Lim recommends reading for his talk? Feel free to contact me by email at sstein01@wes.

Julia’s Star Information Session @ Usdan 136

Paul Silverman ’13 writes in:

Last Spring, several Wesleyan students began working with Johanna Justin-Jinich’s family and the Anti-Defamation League to bring JULIA’S STAR into 5th grade classrooms around Middletown. JULIA’S STAR tells a story about the injurious effects of intolerance, and how curiosity, friendship, knowledge and trust can overcome prejudice. Written and illustrated by 15-year old Johanna, the story reflects her personal identity, and her history as a descendant of survivors of the Holocaust. It reveals her nascent interest in helping others transcend their old cultural roots to overcome barriers that foment misunderstanding, intolerance and injustice.

In addition to reading and discussing the story itself, the student facilitators conducted activities to catalyze discussion about difference and how to understand/ appreciate diversity of others. We are hoping to expand the program’s reach to more schools this Spring.

Urban Education Semester Application Deadline – Today

From Vicky Zwelling:

Interested in spending a semester “abroad” student-teaching in the New York City public school system?

This is a reminder that the deadline to submit your application for the Fall 2012 Urban Education Semester is this Monday, April 2. That’s right people, Today!

The Urban Education Semester (UES) is an accredited study away program that introduces students from all academic backgrounds to the complexity of issues surrounding urban public education. The program offers fieldwork in a diverse selection of classrooms and educational settings in New York City public schools. Students live in Manhattan, spend three days each week in a supervised classroom, and take some courses at Bank Street College of Education. There is an abundance of support and positive energy available for the small number of students in the program.

See here for more information or call Vicky Zwelling at 860-685-2180 or email her at vzwelling(at)

First Year Focus: Pre-Reg and Major Declaration Q&A

We have a message to all the freshmen from your Peer Advisors!

This Tuesday at 7PM (aka tomorrow) in 41 Wyllys (aka “Squash Building” right by Usdan) Room 112, there will be an insightful First Year Focus event where you can ask all of your questions regarding the Pre-Reg process – which started today – and help you start thinking about the major declaration process (never too early!).

Speakers include: Dean of the Class of 2015 Noel Garrett, Professor Robert Lane of the Biology Dept., Professor Andrea Patalano of the Psych Dept, and numerous peer advisors.

Last, but certainly not least: there will be FREE MONDO PIZZA and a raffle where you can win Mondo gift cards!

Date: Tuesday, April 3
Time: 7 pm
Place: 41 Wyllys

Mixed Heritage Week

From the amazing Alicia Castagno ’12:

April 2-6 is Mixed Heritage Week!
Join MIX in celebrating and exploring mixed heritage awareness
Mixed heritage: Any self-identifying pluralistic identity including multiracial, multiethnic, cross-cultural and transracially adopted

Open to anyone and everyone.

Monday April 2: Screening of Bullfrog Film’s 2011 Documentary, “Multiracial Identity” on mixed heritage identity and multiracial history in the United States.
6:30-7:30pm Usdan 108

Tuesday April 3: An open discussion of mixed heritage and identity politics, facilitated Professor McAlister, creator of “Mixed in America: Race Religion and Memoir.” Catering by Iguanas Ranas! 
6-8pm Usdan 110