Lin-Manuel Miranda ’02 On Campus, Misses Wes

This just in from Wesleying’s faithful Idaho correspondent Keelin Ryan ’14:

Lin-Manual Miranda ’02 [In The Heights creator, all-around badass] is on campus to visit my playwriting class. Also, Emma just ran into him at Neon Deli and he’s going to tweet a picture of the two of them to Susan Blackwell.

So, err, yeah. Apparently Miranda is especially fond of Olin (he tweeted the above image with the caption “Oh, Lin at Olin! #ImatWesbitches“). He also hashtagged “#IwishIcouldgobacktocollege #WhycantIgobacktocollege” (aww) and posted a picture of “the tree is (sic) Casa, where I wrote of Heights sophomore year.” Nostalgia much?

So, uh, when’s the Ninja Gig in Eclectic?

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