Concert Committee Seeks Evil, Megalomaniacal Warlords

Title says it all, homies. Sky Stallbaumer ’12 and his cannibalistic minions are seeking a new batch of scapegoats and war pigs. If you’re interested in planning Spring Fling, getting stoned with Heems, and conspiring to make sure every band that comes to Wesleyan has “bear” in their name, you might want to apply for the Honor Board instead:

Our official description: “The Wesleyan Concert Committee is a subsidiary committee to the SBC, responsible for allocating funding and providing programming assistance to students who wish to organize their own concerts here on campus.”

More or less what we do, right? Cool. Notice what it says we don’t do—steal ya money, conspire to bring only bands we like to campus, or even plan our own shows at the expense of other proposals. We don’t do these things.

But not really. We are evil, megalomaniacal, and more ambitious than Mussolini or Franco. But we, the Concert Committee, are ready to relax our vindictive stranglehold on Wesleyan’s music scene. For too long, we erroneously assumed that providing more live music options than ever before while still satisfying the demand for “bigger and better” names was what you wanted. So, like any properly functioning shadow organization, we have regular applications available to the public that we serve. For this latest round, we have four out of five seats available, including the chair of the committee. We want to put you new people in place to get trained/socialized into the way we’ve been doing things in time for the summer booking season.

The applications are available here, to be submitted by electronic mail as soon as possible, but not after April 17th. We will be interviewing all applicants then.

So please, if you have any interest in taking it from every angle of the student body, which includes taking the blame (or credit) for the Spring Fling lineup for some reason, please apply today!

Link: Aural Wes
Due Date: April 17
Contact: skystallbaumer(at)gmail(dot)com

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8 thoughts on “Concert Committee Seeks Evil, Megalomaniacal Warlords

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  2. somewhat unbiased '12

    i think sky did a really good job this year.  definitely better than last year’s music scene.  that said, i’d question his/the CC’s preference of cramming practically every show into eclectic.  psi u, westco cafe, beckham, even muho, earth house, and dke offer somewhat suitable alternatives…  overall though, awesome job

    1. Pleasebequiet

      how are you a senior voicing hir opinion about this without knowing that cc has nothing to do with where concerts take place?

  3. 2013

    Thank God that Sky Stallbaumer is leaving. I only feel bad that we all had to suffer through one year with him as Concert Committee Chair..

      1. derp

        It’s definitely preferable to have a concert committee chair who diverts several thousand dollars of his own committee’s money without the explicit consent of the other committee members or the student body to fund a highly divise, mega-expensive show in a hockey rink like last year. thank god sky is leaving. his campaigns to make booking concerts more accessible than ever for all students through a complete reworking of the aural wes website was a total douche move. And who can forget that time he helped allocate money to a diverse set of events and worked with a variety of bookers to completely fill Wesleyan’s calendar with a line up that rivals the Bowery Presents.

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