Panel: Education in Middletown tomorrow

Did you know Middletown High School (pictured above) is a really pretty building? It’s so pretty, I took a nap in front of the front doors once. And it was swell. Tangentially, Sydney Lewis’ 14 writes in:

Middletown Public Schools’ principals, parents, and board members will
come together to discuss education here in Middletown – what works,
what doesn’t, what’s changing, and how Wesleyan can effectively engage
with local schools. Panelists will each speak about their own
experience and role in MPS, followed by Q & A – come with questions!

Date: Wednesday, April 4th
Time: 7.00PM – 8.30PM
Place: PAC 001
Face: OffBook

List of Panelists after the jump.


Jon Romeo,principal of Macdonough School
Mark Proffitt, principal of Farm Hill School
Ed McKeon, board member representing Macdonough School
Ava Hart, board member representing Spencer School and Farm Hill School
Heather Haouchine, parent of Middletown High School and Spencer School

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2 thoughts on “Panel: Education in Middletown tomorrow

  1. Sydney

    It is at 7 pm! Sorry if it was my mistake – was supposed to say 7-8:30 pm. THE PANEL IS DEFINITELY AT 7.

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