Anti-Anti-Choice Demonstration on Good Friday

Hey folks.

So, my main homie Avery Truf-wuf-wuf-elman ’13 just hit me up to get the word out on this thing that’s going down this Thursday and Friday:

[edit: I’ve taken out my preface and switched around the title, because apparently it’s introduced some unnecessary confusion into the nature of the overall initiative. My apologies to the organizers.]

Stand with Women. Stand with Choice.

The Summit Clinic in Bridgeport, CT, will be forced to shut its doors in anticipation of hundreds of Anti-Choice Demonstrators on the morning of Good Friday, April 6th.

MOVIE: 12th & Delaware and Poster-making party
Thursday, April 5th at 8pm in PAC 004
A documentary from the creators of “Jesus Camp” on the ever-raging battle over abortion in an American City. Followed by a discussion and reception with NARAL Connecticut’s executive director Christian Miron. Then a poster-making party in preparation for the protest on Friday!

Pro-Choice Demonstration in Bridgeport, CT
Friday, April 6th, 7am
Peaceful demonstration in support of the women’s health clinic.  Students will be back in time for 11am class. To confirm your attendance and get a ride, please sign up here.

Questions? Email Morgan at mhill01(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

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6 thoughts on “Anti-Anti-Choice Demonstration on Good Friday

  1. liberal

    its more than anti-catholic, it is disrespectful to all Christians. Don’t call it a good friday protest unless you are protesting good friday. Take the high road and don’t descend to petty fighting just because the opposition is. Stay home and take away their voice.

    1. Postleft

      Sure, but for one thing, this action is in response to an attack (via disruption of service) on the clinic; i.e. it is a tactical move. For another, showing opposition to these people is important, both for those coming in and out of the clinic and silent-majority types watching.

      I kinda want to sympathize and not directly go after Christians, but at the end of the day I know that the world would be better without religion, and that nothing happens to you after you die.

  2. prochoice.

    it seems like your making an anti-catholic statement. pro choice does not have to mean anti catholic…

    1. frostedmoose

      I prefer the label ‘extremely anti-biblical literalist/inerrancy/infallibility.’

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