Spector ’12 Blogs, Shares “Sexy Awkward Times”

“We are all awkward. We are all sexy. It is time to accept that the two go together.”

Abby Spector ’12 is interested in studying sex—not “sex” as we discovered it when we hit puberty and watched our first porno at a slumber party, but sex as it really is. In other words, she sees sexuality through the eyes of Phoebe BuffayGeorge Michael Bluth, or the guy pictured above. Her experiences with sex education began when she became a regular blogger for the progressive sex blog Em and Lo. She then interned with sex educator and feminist pornographer Tristan Taormino ’93. This year, her experience has culminated in the beautiful blog that is Sexy Awkward Times.

What is Abby’s writing like, exactly? Combine the self-empowered sex positivity of Salt n Peppa, the unfailing pithiness of Liz Lemon, and the hilarious awkwardness of Kristen Wiig. Then mix in a whole lot of candor, chutzpah, and Wesleyan-style weirdness, and you’ve got yourself this here blog.

 Most recently, Abby has written about:

Interested? Take a look! Bookmark it! Live by it! Abby promises to keep posting, so check back whenever you’re ready for another great read. Here’s the link.

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