IN 45 MINUTES: Sinners At Dinner! or One Night Food Affair

Piss drunk and looking for trouble, I logged on to facebook, looking for an Internet fight. When I made it clear to Ala Faller ’12 that this was my territory and she could pry my keyboard from my cold dead hands, she linked me to a page with the words below:

Desperate for good food, music, and an all expenses paid trip to Italy? Willing to settle for 2 of 3? Then come to Psi U this Wednesday for our 2nd DINNER AND A SHOW of the semester! Featuring the beautiful vocal stylings of Wesleyan’s own Cardinal Sinners, the music aspect is sure to provide the perfect early Wednesday evening entertainment. The Chique Chaque eating service (running since 1836) provides a great alternative to the monotonous Weswings specials and endless Summerfields burritos that have come to define your boring Wesleyan eating experience. Best part? Only 10 points!
You cant miss this event.
No excuses will be accepted.

Date: Today, April Today
Time: 7 PM
Place: Chique Chaque (remember last time?)
Cost: it feels weird actually typing something here 10 points
Phasebook: Set to stun
Look What I Found: On the Internet

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