Lecture Tomorrow: “Plasticity and the Gendered Brain”

You folks should check this really interesting lecture goin’ on tomorrow. It lies somewhere in the intersection of neuroscience, philosophy, gender studies, psychology (which I suppose is neuroscience lite #heyooooooooo #hatersgonnahate), and other stuff I’m probably not thinking of right now.

Anyway, it’s the 25th Annual Diane Weiss ’80 Memorial lecture, and it features Prof. Rebecca Jordan-Young of Barnard College (pictured right). Brief bio from the Barnard website:

Professor Jordan-Young is a sociomedical scientist whose research includes social epidemiology studies of HIV/AIDS, and evaluation of biological work on sex, gender and sexuality. She teaches courses in science and technology studies, sexuality, gender theory, and HIV/AIDS.

Date: Thursday, Wed. 5th
Time: 8pm
Place: PAC 001

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