Invisible Children Survey: Should They Come to Wes?

Well, this one is going to open up a whole world of reader comments, if recent history is any indication. Remember Invisible Children? Want to be able to address your concerns (or thoughts) to them in person? Samara Ressler ’13 of WesAmnesty writes in with a poll:

I am sure many Wesleying readers know by now who Invisible Children is and the controversy that has surrounded their organization recently. Their newest video, KONY 2012, has received both criticism and acclaim from the international community. In the past, WesAmnesty has hosted events with Invisible Children around campus. Invisible Children has contacted our group again in the interest of having another screening at the end of this month. Like many of you, we have become critical of the organization, especially with regard to their new film. However, we are wondering if this event may be a good opportunity for Wes students to see the film and hear what Invisible Children has to say. We are curious to see if students think this event is a good idea and worth attending. Please help us out by doing this short survey!

Here’s a link to the poll. It’s more than just a yes/no reply, but as always, speak out in the comments below.

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23 thoughts on “Invisible Children Survey: Should They Come to Wes?

  1. bruceewilson

    I’ve just released a 7,000 word report on Invisible Children’s extensive social and institutional ties to “The Family” (also known as The Fellowship) — which has been credited (by the bill’s co-author MP David Bahati) with inspiring and providing “technical support” for the potentially genocidal Anti Homosexuality Bill (also dubbed the “kill the gays bill”) that has loomed before Uganda’s parliament since late 2009.

    In addition, Truth Wins Out has just released audio in which Jason
    Russell states that IC is a “Trojan Horse” for evangelizing in schools:

  2. indieROCK

    I think people are making silly criticisms of KONY why can’t we just focus on banding together and creating peace??

    1. Please Watch

      “Banding together and creating peace” is a complicated process. I think it’s clear after years of failed interventions, (Afghanistan, Iraq) that simply advocating the insertion of foreign military and the use of the ICC can cause more harm than good. Further, Invisible Children gives some of their funds to the Ugandan military (their financial statement is here: which is responsible for human rights abuses as well. See While a noble goal, we must be wary of joining a call for peace that may actually lead to more brutal war.

      1. Mark Murk

        please watch, that was a great written comment. lots of energy and everything spelled right! peace is a hard concept, so you just nailed the delivery. keep it up!

  3. Ribeka Mustuns

    Zach, I very much agree with you. This whole thing is “much more than a poll” it is about freedom and equality. How can KONY take your freedom and leave you helpless? This is why I am anti-KONy as long as I have a say in it.

  4. drangle

    I know these comments are intended for the KONY/InvisChild discussion, but I would like to address a personal message to Zach.  Zach, you’ve really hit the ball home with this blog-update, and I am proud of you. Ever since I married your mom, I’ve been trying to be the best step-pop I can, and I love to see you growing older. You don’t instant message me nearly enough, and if I need to, I’ll cook up some rosemary chicken just to get you home ;). Haha, hope your having the best, 


  5. Darnell Fisherman

    Wow Zach, count those comments! You’ve done a fantastic post, every word spelled correct, and I want to congratulate you because, as you expected, the comments have rolled on in.  Keep up the hard work, and I wish you great luck when you hit the washington post as the chief news editor!

    1. Nanci Stumpers

      Uhh, Kave, I don’t think you understand. Invisible Children is a political organization that to protect african children that lost their mothers and fathers in a big war. It can be hard to seem them because they’re very skinny from not eating enough food.

  6. Bradley Pitts

    wow zack, killer post, i cant wait to seeya on the big screan AKA the washington post!

  7. Juzz4ever

    personally i love Kony and so I’d love too see more of him on campus. i know the contraversy is… well.. contriversial, (haha) but look, what’s the worst that could happen? come on guys. 

  8. Lester Korpsman

    Listen Zachary, my name is Lester Korpsman, and I must warn you, don’t meet that secret admirer, no matter how tempted you are. If you meet her, I’m gonna find out and I’m gonna be mad, so, come on, don’t do it. Also, I am in favor of the invisible children because who knows what kind of child you might have. 

    Thanks for your time, 


  9. Secret Admirer

    hey zack i think ur cute! jk jk jk jk lol lol but ur rly good at writing so maybe we can meat??? how about 8 pm at usdan ill find u

  10. Maynard "The Doc" Watsworth

    Woooooooooooooah someone hold on to these comments they’re gonna take down the server!! Just saying, if you need tech support to keep up with these comments, I’m your guy. I’ve been out of work a little lately, so I’d really appreciate a call. 

    575-521-3456  — and ask for the Doc

  11. Jamantha (JJ) Jones

    Zach, the comment are rushing in, hold onto your horses, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. Haha just kiddin I hope you’ve been having a great year and hopefully not too much fun ;) 


    Jamantha Jones

  12. Nathan Lantslers Jr.

    It’s funny because I have a friend named TONY and that rhymes with KONY… so we’re always just gagging him and havin a great time ;) 

  13. Please Watch

    This is a report from when KONY 2012 was shown to people who live in Northern Uganda. I would urge any organisation thinking of bringing KONY 2012 here (and, more centrally, giving them money) to consider how those directly affected responded to the film.

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