Happy Birthday, President Roth!

It’s been a busy weekend for Wesleyan (armed robberies, stressed thesis-writers, and police dogs, oh my), but we didn’t forget: it’s April 8. On behalf of Wesleying, I’m thrilled to wish a very happy birthday to everyone’s favorite university administrator and WesCeleb extraordinaire, Michael S. Roth ’78. You’re 55! You don’t look a day past 47! Go nuts!

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Of course, the birthday boy has been celebrating in typical nonstop Roth fashion: by penning yet another Huffington Post column, this one focusing on the issues accepted students must contend with as they spend this month deciding where to matriculate. “Size, of course, matters,” the president wryly admits. But, just as important, “I find myself suggesting that they get a feel for the student culture of the schools in which they are interested.” The president, who has apparently taken a liken to Wesleyan’s recent USA Today fame, goes on to rave about the “vibrant music and film contexts that seem to fuel independent rock and hip-hop on the one hand, and popular film and TV on the other.”

Anyway, there are still, like, four hours left in this glorious day, so if you see President Roth jogging through Foss Hill with his canine companion Matilda while simultaneously posting on Huff Post via iPhone with one hand while shaking firm hands with some wealthy alumnus donor with the other, wish him the best! I, for one, am glad he’s our president and not Bradley Whitford ’81.

As we posted last year, here’s a helpful compilation of all things pertinent in the Roth Studies department here at Wellesleyan:

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