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To those of y’all who’ve been around Wesleyan since at least last spring: I know what you guys have been, you know, doing for fun these days, ever since things changed. Waiting for your name to show up on LikeALittle? Are you getting your homework done (Weak.)? Hanging out on Blipdar? Wait, what do you mean Blipdar’s “gone now“?! What the hell am I supposed to do now, Anonymuse ’14? Watch this video?

Dear Wesleying,

I anonymously confess that I miss the ACB. I miss it more than I miss the Douglas Cannon. I miss it more than I miss having access to Fauver. Yes, I miss it more than I miss sneaking into Usdan. ‘Twas a simpler time. How else am I supposed to confess to sleeping with my roomy’s boyf? (Glad I got that off my chest.)

In any event, I anonymously confess to making this video.

Forever trolling in the deep,

Oh, nostalgia. At least the ACB lives on in one form or another, with opportunities for insightful commentary and community service still somewhat abundant.

Also, Wesleying is officially taking bets on whether “Glad I got that off my chest” is a double entendre or not. Post your life savings in the comments.

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7 thoughts on “Anonymous Cinema Bit on the Anonymous Confession Board

  1. M. Roth

    So great! Although it left out some of the most hilarious parts of the old ACB, which seem to be missing from the newer one.

    Long live BALL OF DARKNESS!!

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