Bash Back!: Queer Ultraviolence, Talk with the Editors

Zak Kirwood ’12 writes in:

Come for a talk with the editors of Bash Back!: Queer Ultraviolence, a book about radical queer resistance. Bash Back!  had an astonishing impact on both radical and queer organizing in the United States, taking on gay assimilation, anti-queer violence, the queer radical establishment, and capitalism with a queer struggle that rejected traditional identity politics. The anthology compiles essays, interviews, and communiqués to document the new queer tendency spawned by the Bash Back! years.  After presenting selections from the anthology and detailing an interactive timeline of Bash Back!  speakers will open the room to discussion regarding queer struggle against austerity and capitalism.

Date: Today, Monday, April 9
Time: 7 pm
Place: PAC 002
Cost: Free

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