Help Science Out Reach: Donate Bottles

Julie Platt ’12 wants your soda bottles:

Wesleyan Science Outreach, a club on campus striving towards bringing science into children’s lives, is working on a project. Did you have a big party this weekend? Or just like drinking two-liter bottles of soda on your spare time? If so, donate your empty two-liter bottles to Science Out Reach!

Your soda-drinking ways will be helping children learn science. Look for bins that are located around campus! If you have any more questions, please contact Julie at jrplatt(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.

Whooooo! Don’t you love some good ol’ child-helping?

[Edit: pyrotechnics 10:36pm 4.9.2012]

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One thought on “Help Science Out Reach: Donate Bottles

  1. sneakergaze

    just scrolled past this really fast and happened to read “donate bodies” haha :O #helpful 

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