Eric Holt-Giménez Is Coming

To all ye food lovers:

Eric Holt-Giménez, the executive director of FoodFirst/Institute for Food and Development Policy, is coming to Wesleyan this Thursday, April 12th at 4:15PM in Allbritton 311!

Eric is the editor of the 2011 Food First book, Food Movements Unite! Strategies to transform our food systems, and the author of the 2009 Food First Book Food Rebellions! Crisis and the Hunger for Justice. His earlier book, Campesino a Campesino: Voices from Latin America’s Farmer to Farmer Movement for Sustainable Agriculture chronicles the development of this movement in Mexico and Central America over two and a half decades. Eric worked with farmers, participated in their farmer-to-farmer trainings, and recorded their triumphs with his camera and pen. This engaging book is the product of that longitudinal participatory research.

So get your foodgroove on and join the discussion this Thursday!

  • Where: Albritton 311 (Shapiro Writing Center)
  • When: Thursday at 4:15

This event is sponsored and hosted by the College of the Environment, Farm House and WesFRESH.



In communities around the world the power of the people is at work regaining control of our ailing food systems. According to the latest book from Food First, the global food movement is diverse, widespread, refreshingly creative and tremendously powerful. Food Movements Unite! Strategies to Transform Our Food Systems brings us the words, insights and vision of the remarkable farmers, workers and consumers from rural and urban communities around the globe as they address the critical question: HOW CAN WE UNITE TO TRANSFORM THE GLOBAL FOOD SYSTEM? The 21 activists and practitioners contributing to this work write “from the trenches” of the food, fuel and environmental crises have much to say about our food future and the potential of this unprecedented “movement of movements.” From the writings of Raj Patel, author of Stuffed and Starved and Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, to João Pedro Stédile of the Brazilian Landless Worker’s Movement, this insightful book is a window into the thinking and actions of the people committed to bringing us affordable, healthy food in ways that harm neither the planet nor its people.

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