Wes Pacific, Episode Three: On Hondas, Fashion, Tipping, and More Hondas

“I bought Challah for Hunger. Cuz, like, I’m the hungry one.”

Cast your memory back—way back—to before Postponed became Wesleyan’s web series du jour. Remember when Will “Trill-F” Feinstein ’13 followed A-Batte around campus with a stick of chalk? Remember when he tried to explain the pun “Wes Pacific” to visiting professor Amanda Palmer ’98 (and received only a blank stare in return)? Remember when he filmed Claire Dougherty ’13 giving “claircuts” and Adam Rotstein ’13 being Adam Rotstein ’13 and me getting a flu shot? Remember Wes Pacific?

The slice-of-life-style web series is back with a new episode. One of its best segments consists of interviews with a bunch of hungry students waiting for cafeteria bread during the blackout, if that gives you any indication of chronology. The blackout! Remember the blackout??

At any rate, Feinstein’s Wes Pacific isn’t much like Postponed at all—if that show aims for a parody of life after graduation, Wes Pacific offers a reasonably accurate glimpse into why you shouldn’t leave Wesleyan in the first place. (That was a terrible sentence.) As I wrote back in, err, September, “it’s the first Wes web series that holds a legitimate claim to life at Wes, because that’s literally all it is”—namely, Will trekking around campus, shoving a camera in all the right places, and letting people talk. Why invent characters when they’re all around you?

This time around, Feinstein captures Frank Fineis ’13, Jacob Eichengreen ’13, and Kevin Curtin ’13 bumming around the High Rise parking lot mocking your mom’s car; a line of hungry-as-fuck WesKids stretching from Usdan to Allbritton during last October’s Snowpocalypse (Q: Why doesn’t the soundtrack include “Power Out”? A: Cuz this is Wes Pacific—WesBands only); Stefan Skripak ’13 and Justin Pottle ’13 butting heads in a cruel LoRise fashion-off; and Max Bevilacqua ’12 strutting around tipping people for five minutes. Soundtrackers this time around include usual suspects Lioness, Yeoman’s Omen, Das Racist, and—as always—dearly departed It’s Chinatown. Welcome back!

You can view the new episode here, the second episode here, the debut episode here, and mildly uncomfortable footage of two dudes watching Wes Pacific in a Butts single here. If you run into Will, ask him what the hell happened to the Lioness push-up contest.

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