Beat of the Street: Static Staminest Returns for WesFest

After fuming over the Battle of the Bands lineup for tomorrow and muttering something under your breath about Eclectic, you’re probably trying to scrounge up as much information as you can on just who these acts are before you check them out live. The CIA is working on throwing darts at a map of the Middle East dossiers for the other performers, but we already have some details on the latest (like, yesterday) release by competitors Static Stamina, thanks tobandleader Will F. ’13. Turns out they were promoting their first single in a year-ish, “Beat of the Street“, themselves, with members even posting links to the track on facebook. More on the shocking developments:

“This is a song about the importance of real hip hop.”
“The bridge is inspired by Schoolboy Q’s “Hands on the Wheel.”
In addition, the song features Dema Paxton Fofang ’13 and Mara Connor ‘TCEX [Ed.: 12-college exchange. Oh snap!] on guest vocals.
Static Stamina’s lineup:
Me, Danny ’13, Stefan ’13, Jason Katzenstein ’13, Adrien ’13, Molly ’14, Kevin Curtin ’13, Jacob ’13, Nicole ’13, Hannah Vogel ’13, Max Bevilacqua ’12, Sam Ebb ’13

Static Stamina, undeniably the only real hip hop band on campus, plays BotB tomorrow night at Eclectic with The Appledaughters, Grand Cousin, Lyons Den, Peace Museum, and Treasure Island for a shot at opening Spring Fling (featuring these guys!).

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