“Bus”: A Senior Photography Exhibition

Nam Anh Ta ’12 sends in word about “Bus,”  his senior photography project:

This one is not in Zilkha “the gallery” but Zelnick “the glass thingy.” Known among the staff as the “bus stop” for its shape before it was given Mr. Zelnick’s name, the Pavilion is hoped to be an appropriate venue for the show.

Initially inspired by the disconnectivity of the suburban Connecticut, the exhibition seeks to explore the life around the forgotten form of public transportation in the American’s suburb. With that as a mirror of where I have been through, I used that to look back at Hanoi, in Vietnam where I am from.

P.S.: Some of the pictures are taken with an Apple iPhone, tell me which ones.

Date: April 9 – April 14
Place: Zelnick Pavilion

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