And with that—a boisterous rendition of the “Wesleyan Fight Song,” a few loud champagne corks, a flurry of hugs, and a palpable sense of relief—it’s all over. Nine months of work, dispatched in one drunken hour on the Olin steps. (Special thanks to Charlotte, guys.) Not even the Open Container Policy can squash this storied tradition. It’s a good time to be a senior, eh? (You know. Except the whole “graduating in a month” thing.)

After spending two weeks interviewing writers and documenting Thesis-Land despair, it’s hard not to feel some vicarious sense of relief. I know where you worked. I know what caffeinated beverages you downed in your carrel. I know how many nights you slept in ST Lab. I know how many times you re-wore the same pants. (Well, no. I don’t.) And I am terrified for next year.

Consider this a hearty ‘grats to all thesis-writers, whether you were profiled on this blog or not. Scroll on for a full gallery, and click past the jump for a brief, shaky video clip of the “Wesleyan Fight Song.”

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